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Brick & Stone Launch New Website!

Selecting the right brick for your project is now even easier, thanks to the launch of the new website by Brick and Stone. Brick and Stone is an industry leading supplier of bricks, roof tiles and natural stone products to the Northern Ireland, ROI and United Kingdom market place.
Brick & Stone website showcases everything from handmade and wirecut bricks through to tumbled versions and brick specials. Also available from Brick and Stone are cladding, natural stone, façade systems, landscaping products and clay blocks. The type of finish is enhanced with an array of available colours and textures to meet the needs of a varied range of projects. has been designed with the user in mind, with a searchable system allowing customers to refine their search to match colours and finishes, giving them the widest possible choice.
This will provide customers with a simple and effective platform to find the brick or stone they need for their project. With comprehensive technical specifications and additional product information, this resource is the perfect tool for completing tender documents, developing a building design or to refer to during the construction process.
Customers can also keep up-to-date with any special offers, and learn more about specialist services such as brick matching and brick tinting. This new website will allow brick and stone to continue to work closely with architects, consultants and contractors to develop their range and make it as comprehensive and as accessible, as possible.

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