MASS is the leading bespoke concrete providers. It is part of a new generation of bespoke concrete. It is a high strength, light, heat and stain resistant which varies from the typical nature of everyday concrete.

MASS is a highly innovative and unique service that is totally customisable for customers. MASS have created bespoke concrete products for brands such as Stella McCartney, Victoria Beckham, Wagamama and the Natural History Museum.

Why Chose Bespoke Concrete?

High Strength – A finely tuned mix is used to give the product its dense, robust and durable appearance.

Lighter – By using a micro concrete with its laminating system the weight of the product is able to be kept down. Meaning that surfaces can be made in longer lengths and widths, while also using less material than everyday concrete.

Extensive Finishing Process – Bespoke Concrete surfaces have a hand crafted character due to finishing process which involves the cast surfaces to be water-cured for at least two weeks, polished using a fine high-grade diamond disk and lastly a tough stain stain-resistant sealant is applied- making sure that the product is high quality.

Cast to Order – Products have an extensive range of mix designs. Products can come in a range of colours and thicknesses are available from 40-100 cm, in almost any shape and size. Finishes range from gloss to matt depending on customer needs.


Images of Bespoke Concrete Solutions


Bespoke-Concrete-1 Bespoke-Concrete-2 Bespoke-Concrete-3 Bespoke-Concrete-4 Bespoke-Concrete-5 Bespoke-Concrete-6
Bespoke Concrete 1