We are Brick & Stone. A team of people in love with what we do.

Think differently, we do!

We work with an outstanding network of production partners throughout the UK and Europe. Some of the most creative minds in the industry who are just as passionate about craft bricks and stone façades as we are. With those partners, we collaborate, innovate and create exciting new products to give you more choice.

We like to think we go the extra mile for our clients, from constantly sourcing new products to connecting with our partners to create the perfect product for you. Our network of contacts, together with our experience, bring the knowledge and insight to create a bespoke product if that is what it takes to give you exactly what you want.

Our most valuable asset is our team. We work together, challenge each other and inspire each other. This is our passion; this is our culture; this is our company.

Passionate people, who are incredible at what they do, always make a difference!

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Meet our team

Team member Nick Blair - Director

Nick Blair


THE TEAM SAY; His brainchild. The Boss Man and driving force. 24/7, even when he's on holiday! Likes talking. Loves turtlenecks. HE SAYS; Been there done it & still loving it!


Team member Tory Agnew - Director

Tory Agnew


THE TEAM SAY; A know it all, who actually does know it all! Nick’s right hand and talks as much as he does. SHE SAYS; Believe it, we’re moving to the next level.


Team member Jonny McFarlane - Director of Business Development

Jonny McFarlane

Director of Business Development

THE TEAM SAY; 'Here’s Jonny'! Game changer. Fantastic addition to the team. Workaholic. No space in your calendars now boys. HE SAYS; Exciting times ahead– Watch this space with team Brick and Stone!


Team member John Graham - Sales Team

John Graham

Sales Team

THE TEAM SAY; 'Alright wee man!' Pure Belfast. Nearly knows it all. Likes a tan. Never gives up! Totally dedicated. HE SAYS; No. 1, treat the business as my own and always will.


Team member Andrea Davis - Sales Team

Andrea Davis

Sales Team

THE TEAM SAY: Focused & confident! Thought Nick could talk but he's met his match. Our very own Dr. Dolittle! SHE SAYS: Excited to get back in the construction industry, especially with Brick & Stone.


Team member Diane Mullan - Sales Support

Diane Mullan

Sales Support

THE TEAM SAY; Our very own Brick Girl! Doesn't take any nonsense. Meticulous. The reason some of us have put on weight. SHE SAYS; Love my job!


Team member Erin Blair - Media and Marketing

Erin Blair

Media and Marketing

THE TEAM SAY; The baby of the team. Media Guru. Quiet. But tells her father off on a regular basis. SHE SAYS; The newbie, a step up from labelling brochures for a £10 a day!


Team member Julie Blair - Accounts

Julie Blair


THE TEAM SAY; ‘Morning Mum!’.The Quiet Woman. Likes numbers and fine wine. SHE SAYS; One big dedicated family!


Team member Mariann Casagrande - Accounts

Mariann Casagrande


THE TEAM SAY; Likes the craic, loves the numbers. Enjoys an Espresso Martini or 10. Dab Hand at Poker. Part-time food critic.


Team member Paul Cairns - Installations and Facades

Paul Cairns

Installations and Facades

THE TEAM SAY; We call him "Dusty". Loves his stone & has a facade fetish. HE SAYS; Can't argue with that!



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