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Tier is an authentic stone panelling system that is offered by Brick and Stone. It is specifically designed to create a distinctive, natural stone finish. Tier is a simple and efficient system to use, making it suitable for the smaller projects and larger developments. It transports the elegance and timeless character of real stone to any location. Tier is a versatile product which allows it to be used on both interior and exterior walls, and on commercial and residential projects. The product versatile and economical enough to suit builders, architects and home owners.

Why Chose Tier?

Authentic- As Tier is made from natural stone, it bares all the form and character of a dry-stone wall. The simple, yet clever “Z” formation of the Tier Panel System allows each section to interlock seamlessly together, to produce all the charm and elegance of a natural stone surface.

Simple- The panel system has been designed to achieve the look of a stone wall without the need for a qualified stonemason, therefore no specialist tools or skills are required to install Tier. This makes it popular with contractors and developers alike.

Efficient- The modular design means it can be constructed in a fraction of the time normally taken to build traditional stonework. With Tier, it is possible to install up to 30m2per day. This compares with 3m2for Random “Rubble” Walling.

Elegance-Part of what makes Tier unique is that each panel is deeper than other standard stone systems currently available. This allows the panels to have a greater variety of stone sizes, creating a more realistic and authentic finish.

Versatile-The applications for Tier are endless. Its simple installation means it can be incorporated in to both commercial and residential environments adding real charm to either an entire structure or a small feature.

Economical-As well as reduced labour costs, Tier has the advantage of producing less waste during construction and requires no maintenance after installation is complete. Whilst traditional stone walling can have up to 25% wastage, Tier has virtually none.


Colour / Finish Options

Black Slate- A dark black natural slate panel with hints of rust add to the stones rustic appearance.
Multicolour- A stunning mix of natural slate giving a combination of earthy reds, purples and greys.
Rustic Granite- A highly textured natural stone in grey, yellow and brown produces a warm, traditional finish.
Red Sandstone- A traditional natural product with a combination of warm reds and browns.
Quartz-A warm natural stone full of creams, beiges, yellows and pinks. Perfect for traditional or contemporary applications.
Thin Slate- Thin cuts of natural slate create this unique, rustic appearance.
Nordic- Nordic is a stunning mix of cool toned greys with hints of beige to provide a homely yet modern atmosphere.


Images of Tier Projects


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