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28 Jun 2021 Erin
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Brick And Stone Has A New Look

Today we are thrilled to announce our highly anticipated new look! Our branding over the last ten years has been impactful, strong and flexible as we grew and expanded our offering, however we felt it was time for a refresh and we’re so happy with this creative overhaul. We’re so excited to finally share it with you! Read on to learn what changes we’ve made and why we’ve made them.

As we moved into 2021, it was clear that our visual identity should reflect the growth of Brick and Stone, both in offering and also in our team. We have always been forward thinkers and we are not shy of a challenge, so we decided we wanted to develop a new look that is authentic, on-trend and visually first-rate within the industry. It’s not just our website that we’ve changed (and boy has it changed), it’s our logo, our social media and how we present ourselves. This new look marks a significant milestone in the Brick and Stone journey, allowing us to look back on why we started.

Brick and Stone was founded back in 2012, with the vision to make others as passionate about craft bricks as we are and since then we’ve grown and developed as a business and as a team. We’ve become a trusted collaborator with our production partners, allowing us to go above and beyond for our clients to provide them with bespoke solutions to fit their needs. The last 18 months were challenging in countless ways, but provided a platform for us to craft the new way forward for Brick and Stone.

1. New website - Get with the times!

It was time for a creative overhaul of our website. Though it’s served its purpose over the years, we found our website to be stylistically lacklustre and deserving of more attention and finesse. During valuable research phase we gathered feedback from our trusted suppliers and clients, to discover that one of the key reasons they work with us is our character, our personality and our flair. The old website didn’t effectively communicate who we are as a brand and a team, so we wanted a complete digital transformation.

The most significant change to the website is the introduction of new flexible colours. While remaining close to our strong and striking Mono palette, we wanted embrace the vibrant and kaleidoscopic attitude that we take towards bricks! By introducing warm and rich colours we feel this communicates our passion and excitement for our products. We also made the conscious choice to include both typically “corporate” colours and adopt some wilder tones, reflecting our chameleon-like ability to work with any project and bring the most suitable product to our clients. We also developed new graphic components of our brand in the form of “laying patterns”, reminiscent of the different patterns our bricks are laid in. A cool and subtle but intentional nod to our industry.

Colours aside, the more fluid, seamless and user-friendly interface creates an enriching and memorable experience for the customers who use our website. Changing our website wasn’t simply about making it look awesome, but also about listening to global trends and responding quickly. In the last five years and especially throughout the pandemic, eCommerce has skyrocketed exponentially. This unprecedented growth was something we could not ignore and we wanted to tap into this global trend and get with the times! We have implemented a more eCommerce- focused user experience. What this means for our customers is that when they navigate our website, browsing through our bricks feels comparable to shopping for a new pair of shoes. When you look for a new suit, you usually don’t make your decision based on one image - you like to browse, compare and see the product in multiple positions and scenarios. We wanted to apply this to our bricks, moving away from endless lists of dull sales images, instead enabling our customers to use compare functions and classy spec sheets to make informed decisions. While our business will always be a people to people focus and we bring customers into our showroom to touch and feel the bricks for real, this new function allows for immediate comparison and saves time when searching for your perfect product.

Definitely what Brick and Stone are about, 100% better than the previous site, Has Nick Blair written all over it, Brilliant!

Dale Moss, General Manager, Northcot Brick

2. Social Media

Prior to our new look, our social media channels were at the bottom of the priority list and not terribly well maintained. This hindered our ability to connect with our customers and have meaningful conversations. Since this creative overhaul, we have established ourselves on Instagram, and LinkedIn, and brought our Twitter feedback to life. Each platform has a unique purpose and visual identity, allowing us to connect with a wider audience network in a new way. Across our social media channels, there will be a strong and consistent visual style, tying in with our website and our new “bold and bombastic” look. We want to engage with the latest trends and visual styles to make us stand out from the pack in the industry. For example, our Instagram feed has consistent brand story icons and ambitious visual content. Once we populate our channel feeds with regular, vibrant content, we believe they will offer an industry-shaking approach to social media and will set us apart from any other brick and stone suppliers in the UK.

3. New logo - if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

The logo remains the same punchy and bold logo you know and love, with only one minor update to the typography used and slight rotation of the “AND”. This reposition is minor but means the base of the logo will be flush against any edges it’s set against, which looks more professional overall. Our logo is strong, solid and confident, representing us as a business as well as the products we sell and our font for copy is Knockout which evokes the sense of our bold, strong bricks.

4. Product Photography

We needed to craft an identity that would work across the entire brand ecosystem, capturing our superior product range, value and bespoke service. To achieve this, our creative agency Whitenoise Studios who brought together a renewed focus on how we were photographing our bricks. Inspired by fashion product photography, Whitenoise took our product photos to another level with wild photography that truly makes a mark. Coupled with traditional close up shots and wall panels, this photography sets a new standard for product photography in the brick and stone industry.

We are so excited about this new look and we feel like this is a new chapter in the Brick and Stone story. Take a tour of our website and follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram to get the full scope of what we’re up to!

If you’d like more information on our products or services, be sure to reach out to one of our sales team who would be more than happy to assist you with your query.

We work with an outstanding network of production partners throughout the UK and Europe. Some of the most creative minds in the industry who are just as passionate about craft bricks and stone façades as we are. With those partners, we collaborate, innovate and create exciting new products to give you more choice.

We like to think we go the extra mile for our clients, from constantly sourcing new products to connecting with our partners to create the perfect product for you. Our network of contacts, together with our experience, bring the knowledge and insight to create a bespoke product if that is what it takes to give you exactly what you want.

Our most valuable asset is our team. We work together, challenge each other and inspire each other. This is our passion; this is our culture; this is our company.

Passionate people, who are incredible at what they do, always make a difference!

28 Jun 2021 Erin

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