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27 Jan 2023 Erin

Get Inspired!

Brick comes in various colours, sizes and shapes, with the option to create bespoke blends, which can take your project to the next level. At Brick & Stone, we are constantly looking for new and innovative products to add to our portfolio, giving our customers an incredible range of products to choose from. Today's blog aims to inspire you whether you are in the middle of a project today or looking to undertake one in the future.

Vibrant red/orange tones are always sure to catch the eye; click through the images above for inspiration. If this style of build is for you, Brick & Stone has an extensive range of products, such as the Smokey Jane and Millhouse (see below). And if you want to switch it up and go for a linear, check out the Zero586 (see below).

If red brick isn't your style, you may want to look at the above for some white/grey brick inspiration. White and grey bricks are a perfect way to add a modern and sleek aesthetic to your project. To see some of the bricks like the above in our portfolio, take a look below or check out the White Rustica or our Santorini range named after the distinctive look of the gorgeous Santorini.

To find out more information or speak to a member of our team, drop an email to or call us on 028 9083 0038.

27 Jan 2023 Erin

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