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10 Oct 2023 Erin
Get Inspired2

Get Inspired

Often overlooked, brick can take on various roles to elevate your build; the possibilities are endless, from the wide range of colours to the multiple textures available. However, it is not just colour and texture that can enhance your project. Today's blog will showcase various ways to use your brick to create exciting textures and patterns that will surely draw attention, so check out the projects below and get inspired!

These private residences in Berlin use a stunning curved wall feature that gives the project an elevated and contemporary look paired with the RT 154 Ultima from Randers Tegl; the gorgeous greys give this build an elegant and sophisticated feel.

If curved walls are not for you, check out this build using the Maranello from Nelissen. This build pairs the standard stretcher bond with a vertical stretcher bond, creating a gorgeous illusion that is a subtle way to use bricks to add to your project's aesthetic.

For a less subtle look, check out the project above. Using a design similar to dogtooth this build uses the header of the bricks to create a striking facade. This build showcases the vibrant red tones of the Stromboli from Caprice.

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10 Oct 2023 Erin

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