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21 Jul 2023 Erin
Rowan House Cover

Rowan House

The story of Rowan House began with the vision to create a timeless house on the outskirts of Belfast city centre. The brief was to create a build that was contemporary meets traditional. The developer and architect aimed to create a space that would stand the test of time and serve as an example of quality craftsmanship and design. To further enhance the property's charm, the architect considered the history of houses on the Malone Road in Belfast and incorporated traditional elements such as the iconic orange/red brick synonymous with the inner city of Belfast. The result is a beautiful home that pays homage to the rich architectural history of Belfast and celebrates the unique site's natural beauty.

The build is set on Circular Road, a highly sought-after area due to its heritage and gorgeous tree-lined drives. The exterior of the build used glass gable ends to give the house that modern look whilst also providing the interior with a lot of light. Towards the back of the house, the architect has created a roof overhang feature that hangs over the balcony adding to the contemporary aesthetic. Bringing the traditional to the exterior, the build uses the garden wall bond the mix of header and stretcher course bonds can be found in many old buildings throughout the city of Belfast.

Spanning three floors with five bedrooms, this family home was built for entertaining guests. Key features of the home include a cinema room and a bar/entertaining area that carries through from outside to in with bifold doors and windows. The build also consists of a three-door garage, which includes an upstairs.

A timeless build calls for a timeless brick; this is where the Millhouse comes in. The Millhouse was initially created due to the need for a brick that replicated the aesthetic of an old orange/red multi, a brick style associated with Belfast and Northern Ireland. From there Nick Blair reached out to his good friend and colleague, Dale Moss of Northcot Brick, to create a brick outside their standard range to replicate the heritage and aesthetic of 'traditional' Belfast and the existing dwellings in the area. After some trials and tribulations, the Millhouse was born. Ever since the Millhouse has become part of our signature range and established itself as one of our best sellers. This collaboration between Nick and Dale showcases the importance of networking and seeking partnerships to create innovative solutions in the industry.

The Millhouse brick is a striking blend of orange and red tones, which has been prematurely 'aged' in the production process to give the brick a tumbled texture that creates a stunning and powerful impact across this project and several others that have since used the brick. The orange and red tones of the Millhouse brick are reminiscent of the bricks used in traditional architecture, particularly in the Belfast area. Since the creation of the Millhouse brick, it has been used in several other projects, highlighting its versatility and popularity among architects and builders.

The use of Millhouse on this project created a perfect fusion of both old and new. Highlighting the heritage of Belfast with the choice of brick and contemporary aesthetic within the design and carrying through the brick into the entry to create a gorgeous feature wall.

To find out more about the Millhouse or any of our other products drop an email to or call us on 028 9083 0038.

21 Jul 2023 Erin

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